Providing LAB SERVICES For Adults, Seniors and Children

Our services include all areas of Anatomical and Clinical Pathology, such as Hematology, Chemistry, Serology, Toxicology, Molecular Testing in Microbiology, Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology.

We perform a wide range of tests from routine blood tests, such as metabolic panels or blood cell morphology to complex panels, such as Heavy Metals, Allergy, Cardiac Risk and Weight Loss Profiles, which aid in the diagnosis or detection of diseases and measure the progress or recovery from a disease.

Our Services

Medical Testing

We offer comprehensive test menu uitlizing latest technology and innovation.


Physicians and Healthcare Providers can utilize our IN-Home draw service for their patients with physical limitation.

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal testing measures the heavy metal blood levels thru atomic absorption method.

HCCL Offers

  • Professional and Certified staff of Medical Technologists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Phlebotomists always ready to help physicians’ offices

  • Highly specified and unique tests and custom profiles tailored for each doctors’ specialty.

  • Highly sophisticated testing methods, using the latest technology and state-of-the-art instruments from the most reliable industry manufacturers, which result in accuracy and efficiency.

  • You can always count on thorough, efficient and personalized customer service at HCCL.

  • Our requisition forms are easy to use and can be personalized and modified according to your specifications.

Our Features

Client Privacy

HCCL has active quality improvement mechanism in place that complies with the HIPAA Act of 1996.

Access to results

Patient test results can be accessed via Laboratory Portal to view test results and print electronic format reports.


We are dedicated to delivering accurate results with rapid turnaround times and outstanding service levels. But perhaps it is something "Extra Mile" that often makes the Difference.

Extra Mile

This "Extra Mile" is our sensitivity to your needs and our ability to provide that "Personal Attention" that goes beyond the accurate and timely test.

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