As a leading provider in healthcare screening, utilizing the most advanced technology, HCCL is partnering with employers to keep their workforce safe and productive.

Why Offer Employee Testing?

Strengthen reputation and trust. Employers who are committed to employee well-being strengthen trust with employees and customers as a company dedicated to maintaining health and safety.

Follow health and safety guidelines. With new variants continuing to develop, it’s important to apply state and federal health and safety guidelines to your workplace. We can help you research these guidelines to customize testing that will keep your business productive.

Back to Work Program. Making one-time or routine testing available can help you get your employees back in the workplace.

Keep your business open. Regular testing will help ensure that your doors stay open.

Workplace exposure. Prevent and manage infection outbreaks with routine and on-demand testing. If someone at your workplace is symptomatic and/or tests positive all those exposed should be tested, including those who are vaccinated, per CDC guidelines..

How We Help You Create a Safe Workplace for Your Employees.

With our COVID-19 testing programs, tailored to your specific needs, you can quickly get the health information you and your employees need to keep your workplace and customers safe. Whether you send your employees to our patient service center or have us come to you, your program will enhance employee engagement, well-being, and provide peace of mind.